Product Review: Luno Sprinter Front Cab Air Mattress

We get many products here at The Vansmith that pique our interest and our newest product to review offers a great solution to a difficult and often expensive problem, extra places to sleep in a van. So Luno sent us their solution to this problem, the Luno Front Cab Air Mattress — Camper Vans


We installed these matters into one of our Mercedes Sprinter Vans here at our shop. We can confirm that the air mattress fit super well, looks clean, and is durable enough to withstand the tale of camp life. Luno says this product fits Mercedes Sprinter, Dodge ProMaster, RAM ProMaster, Winnebago Travato and Solis. We can only confirm this fits the Mercedes Sprinter, as this is what we tried the product with.


From Luno: "The Luno Front Cab Air Mattress inflates in just a few minutes to create a comfortable sleeping surface that spans the driver seat, center console and passenger seat of your van. It’s built with durable, 300-denier fabric and a pack-down size that easily stows away. Now the little ones or furry friends are no longer left to sleep on the floor."


Again, the mattress fits really well in the Sprinter, but that last part from Luno’s message is something to mindful of.  The Mercedes Sprinter isn't the widest cargo van and because of this, it's difficult to sleep side to side in the van.  We measured the Luno Mattress at 62" when fully inflated. Add a pillow in there and there certainly isn't much room for a full grown adult, unless you are fairly short (Luno: accommodates folks 5’7” and below, taller folks will feel scrunched). This does however make this a great sleeping solution for children or 4 legged friends.  We often additional add additional seating for children in our van build outs but adding additional sleeping areas can be quite expensive. Poptops and bunk beds can work great but can be expensive and take up extra space inside the van.

When setting up the Luno Mattress, the included pump airs up the mattress fairly quickly (about 3 mins). The pump includes a built in battery and is easily charged with a USB-C cable (also included). Unfortunately you can't pump while charging. Also included in the bag is a handy repair kit should you accidentally damage the mattress. We can't confirm how well this works but it looks like a pretty standard repair kit to us!

One of the things we really liked about this air mattress was the use of an inflation and deflation port. Other air mattresses we have used can be an absolute pain when it comes to inflating and deflating and the use of two ports makes the process quick and easy. It certainly helps when packing the mattress back up as deflating with the pump takes almost all of the air out. 



Inflation and Deflation Port

Strong and Durable Material

Rechargeable, Cordless Pump


Expensive for an air mattress (though cheaper than a poptop or bunkbeds)

Two piece system doubles the inflate/deflate time


All in all we would highly recommend this as an affordable (compared to alternatives) option for extra sleeping space in a van. 


You can purchase the Luno Mattress HERE

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