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This Van Life Brand Tried the 4-Day Work Week and Isn’t Going Back

Vansmith cut employees’ work week from 40 hours to 32 without cutting anyone’s pay — and it’s still cranking out some of the coolest custom vans, faster than anyone else.

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If You Win This Mercedes Sprinter Van, Where Will You Take It?

The online #vanlife craze never seduced me much, but seeing these well-appointed camper vans in person? That converted me into a believer.

Vansmith Sprinter vs Airstream Interstate 24X

"Sustainability - Winner: Vansmith Sprinter

It should be no surprise that the smaller van with something named 'The Green Package' would be the winner when it comes to sustainability. According to Vansmith, The Green Package 'uses sustainable products in lieu of our standard build materials, without sacrificing style or strength.'"

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‘How to Build a Sex Room’ Changed My Van (Love) Life

"I never envisioned a life that combined reality TV and van life. And yet, here I am. Or rather, here we are, my girlfriend, Sarah Christine, our dogs Masin and Briar Rose Quartz (Rosie, if we drop the pretense), and our home on wheels.

Netflix swooped in, cast us and our illustriously outfitted Sprinter, “Scotto,” and set us on a journey of reimagined van life. And this version puts sex and intimacy at the forefront of our now very public story."


The Top 4 Best Camper Van Conversion Companies

"Located in Boulder, Colorado, you’ll find VanSmith is a camper van conversion company offering custom builds for pretty much every van out there."

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27 Best Van Conversion Companies In the USA

"The Vansmith is a camper van conversion company that has built camper vans for people all over the United States. In fact, they pride themselves on being one of the best van conversion companies around!"


How to Build a Sex Room: Eight Naked Truths

"Rose enlists the help of van renovation experts at Boulder's Vansmith to build an inviting bed for the couple."

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Vansmith has unveiled its new camper van with wood detailing built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

"The van is considered one of Vansmith's entry level builds, although the company calls the camper 'anything but basic.'"

Outbound Living

Inspiration and Advice from Van Conversion Business Owner, Aaron Haack

"Each van has its own little personality when it comes to building. They all seem to have their own little quirks. Sometimes angles just don’t line up, there’s a bend that doesn’t work with what you’re doing, and you have to be crafty when plans don’t work like you want them to."

Tiny Living

Grand by Aaron Haack

"After buying a set of home plans from Tiny House Build, DIYer Aaron Haack set out to build this colorful tiny house named The Grand."


Enter to Win a Vansmith Mercedes Sprinter Van and Support Solar Power

"If you're anything like us — and if you're reading Gear Patrol, you probably are — bolting off into the wilderness in an exquisite custom camper van sounds just about perfect right now — or anytime, really."

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You Can Win a Sprinter Van With an $80,000 Eco-Friendly Makeover Thanks to This Omaze Sweepstakes

"One lucky winner will receive a Mercedes-Benz 4X4 Sprinter van with an $80,000 conversion done by car customizer Vansmith to make it more environmentally conscious."


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