200Ah Victron smart batteries

3000W Victron Multiplus Inverter

180W Zamp Obsidian Solar System**

60A Victron Orion DC/DC Charger**

Color GX Touch Screen Control Center

Isotherm Cruise 85 Refrigerator**

Exterior Ship to Shore Plug

Climate Control

Webasto STC 2000

Maxxair 7500K Smoked Lid Rooftop Fan with Remote

Sirocco ll 12V interior fan

Havelock Wool Insulation

Water System

20-Gallon Over the Wheel Well Fresh Water System

Exterior Water Fill

Rear Water Utility Water Spigot 

Stainless-Steel 13”X15” Sink

3 GPM Water Pump


Sonic Gray Coin Dot Flooring**

Bunk Window in Driver Side Flares

Sliding-Door Window

L shaped Storage Bench with toilet cubby and Laguun Table Mount

2 drawer, 2 door, Kitchen Galley with Ventilated Slot for the Refrigerator

Five Door Upper Cabinets with Bird Perch Storage Shelf

4 USB Charging Ports

Dimmable 3000K LED lighting, 8 - Ceiling Pucks on 2 Zones, Recessed Under Cabinet, 2 Reading Lights, Garage Lighting

Adjustable Lagun Table with Table Storage

Full-Size Removable Bamboo Bed Platform

Cedar Ceiling With Sailboat Inspired Stainless Steel Fasteners

Byrne Woven Fabric for The Walls


Flares by Flarespace, frees up 12 square feet of your van for a very roomy feel.

Upgrades Available (Pictures Available Upon Request)


Ready to spend some time in your van? Our new standard Sprinter 170 camper conversion is designed to keep you nice and comfortable in all seasons. The Outpost’s spacious queen bed offers tons of storage underneath, while its premium-built kitchen allows for fine dining with a view. With plenty of room for lounging around, this high-end van conversion is decked out for the long haul at our shop in Boulder, Colorado.

~Van pictured is our upgraded model and may differ from what is included~

The Outpost - Mercedes Sprinter 170 Luxury Van Conversion Interior View - The Vansmith in Boulder, Colorado

Chill Time Ready

Built on a Sprinter 170 base, including standard or extended models, The Outpost provides plenty of open space to enjoy company in your van. Rainy days are no problem in this fully insulated conversion.

 The Outpost - Mercedes Sprinter 170 Camper Van Conversion Under-Bed Storage - The Vansmith in Boulder, Colorado

Tidy Storage for Toys

Did someone say powder day? Let’s go! Store all your toys for outdoor adventures while keeping your living space uncluttered in this smartly designed build. 

The Outpost - Mercedes Sprinter 170 Conversion Van Kitchen with Sink and Refrigerator - The Vansmith in Boulder, Colorado

Kitchen Comforts

Our Sprinter 170 conversion sports an efficient Isotherm Cruise 130 refrigerator and a stainless-steel sink to wash your dishes. Interested in a fun backsplash as pictured? Let’s talk!

The Outpost - Mercedes Sprinter 170 Van Conversion Lithium Battery Electrical System - The Vansmith in Boulder, Colorado

Off-the-Grid Electric

Featuring 200Ah of lithium battery, a 3000W inverter, and lots of other wires and doodads, this electrical system will keep your beer (or water, we don't judge) cold for those late nights. Don't know what's going on in this picture? Don't worry, we do. 

Step Inside!

The Outpost - Mercedes Sprinter 170 Camper Van Layout and Interior Floor Plan - The Vansmith in Boulder, Colorado