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An Affordable Conversion with a Priceless Design.

For those looking to live the van life on a budget, this more affordable camper conversion for the Ram ProMaster 136 and Mercedes Sprinter 144 offers an incredible foundation. The Bivy is a great place to start your journey, providing a smart design outfitted with essentials that you can build upon.

All of our builds include the best materials available, and The Bivy is no exception. We don't skimp on the quality of our products, and every camper van conversion is carefully crafted at our shop in Boulder, Colorado.

*Final product may differ from pictures shown*

Starting At: $37,000

The Bivy - Sprinter 144 / ProMaster 136 Conversion Van Under-Bed “Garage” Storage - The Vansmith

Savings without sacrifice

Everything you need and nothing you don't. A super-comfy elevated bed and a refined galley make The Bivy a highly versatile van conversion for the ProMaster 136 or Sprinter 144. 

The Bivy - Sprinter 144 / ProMaster 136 Conversion Van Storage Cubbies - The Vansmith

Storage for days

Perfect for quick weekend getaways, this conversion van will take you and all your gear to your favorite crag, trailhead or mountain. After a hard day of play, your vacation home on wheels will be waiting for you to continue the journey.

The Bivy - Sprinter 144 / ProMaster 136 Conversion Van Kitchen with Cabinets, Galley and Refrigerator - The Vansmith

Kitchen convenience

A beautiful platform for beautiful meals. Plenty of storage in the cabinets for your best cutlery and room in the cooler for perishables and beer.

*Fridge available via upgrade*

The Bivy - Sprinter 144 / ProMaster 136 Conversion Van Goal Zero Power Center Battery Setup - The Vansmith

Power for play

The Goal Zero power center is enough to get you running and is simple to use. Complement that battery with solar power and you will never be running on "E." The LED lights throughout make this budget-friendly camper van feel like a home away from it all. 

Sample Color Renders

The Bivy - Sprinter 144 / ProMaster 136 Van Conversion Floor Plan and Interior Layout - The Vansmith

*Actual dimensions of build vary with chosen van*  

What's Included

Living Area

Under Bed "Garage"

Bunk Window (Driver side or passenger side)

Sliding Door Window

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Fabric Walls (Pictures show upgraded walls)

Wood or Fabric Wrapped Ceilings

3M Thinsulate Insulation

Bed (Mattress not included)


Driver-Side Upper Cabinet(Length varies with van)
Driver-Side Galley (Length varies with van)
Heavy Duty Drawer Slides
High Density Cooler
Adjustable Table


3000Wh Electrical System

100W Solar

Flush-Mount LED Ceiling Lights    

Bedside Reading Light

Rooftop Fan/Vent System

The Bivy+

The Bivy is a great platform to build on. If you want to add a couple of things to your conversion, we can do that!

Upgrades Available

Refrigerator (85L)


Driver-Side Swivel Seat

Butcher-Block Countertop

Body Flares

Additional Windows

Additional Solar


Faux Tongue & Groove Walls (As seen in pictures)

Floor Plan with Refrigerator

The Bivy+ - Sprinter 144 / ProMaster 136 Van Conversion Floor Plan and Interior Layout with Refrigerator - The Vansmith

*Actual dimensions of build vary with chosen van*

Step Inside!

Interactive 360-degree virtual image. You can look all around the van, or switch to VR mode and it's like you're in the van!

If you are doing any work on your van you need to talk with Aaron! Super knowledgeable and will not try to take advantage of you. If we have any work done on our van we take it to his shop!

~Laura Boenish

I had originally called in to see if they had a part I needed for the heater install on my van and ended up receiving a ton of great information and tips. Even though they didn't have the part, the guy on the phone told me exactly where I could purchase what I needed and went out of his way to let me know what to watch out for during the install. The people at Vansmith are obviously very knowledgeable and a pleasure to interact with.

~Carter Rhodes