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Aaron Haack is a master van builder and a master mechanic who lived in a tiny home. After leaving the military and quitting his job in a coal mine, he decided it was time to make a change and build a tiny home. With 10+ years of experience as a mechanic and a bunch of vans under his belt, Aaron is building some of the most beautiful vans on the market.

Family means a lot to Aaron as he wouldn't have gotten started without his cousin Roberto.  Roberto told him that he would buy a van, give him 30 days and a budget to make it awesome.  If he could do that, Roberto would start a van conversion company with him.

Well he did it. And together they started Run Away Van which would become The Vansmith.

Since then, The Vansmith has continued to grow.  Our business has continually changed and transformed into what it is today.  Grown from a team of one, to a team of 9 in 3 short years.  We are excited to see what the future has in store for us!


We believe that form and function should exist in harmony, not compromising one for the other. You will see an attention to detail that is unparalleled, creating a warm, welcoming, and functional environment - a home on wheels. And secondly, we care. We care about every inch of your van, and we care about you and your experience in the van. We love the open road and the freedom it provides, it is our goal to provide you the tools and knowledge to take full advantage of your new journey. 

Each Vansmith build utilizes top-notch materials that will last through all of your on/off-road adventures and the test of backcountry time! All of the cabinets are CNC cut locally here in Colorado and are made of high-grade Baltic Birch plywood (no, we don't pick up plywood at the local hardware store) wrapped in Formica for easy cleanability and lasting durability. The interior cabinet hinges and glides utilize quality Blum Hardware products. Even the fabric we use is an environmentally friendly product that effortlessly combines sustainability and durability.  Every part we use has been meticulously reviewed to make sure it is of the highest quality and will complement the van build.

Overall, we take ultimate pride in our Vansmith builds, so we use premium materials with an intuitive design that allows for easy-to-use elegance in your van.  Now, let’s get you rolling!


CEO & Co-Founder

Aaron Haack

Lead Designer 

Santiago Pere

Director of Sales

Becca Conn

General Manager

John Clay

Production Manager

Sanjay Levinson

Project Lead

Nathan Nicolette

Electrical Lead

Ross McNally


Amanda Gutierrez


Emil Ortiz

CNC Machinist

Derek Jackson


Dillon Volk


Lucas Fesmire


Grant Gould

CMO & Co-Founder

Roberto Gutierrez

Strategic Advisor & Board Member

Justin Lokitz



Advisor to the Advisorerrrrrr


Massage Therapist



Our headquarters and builds are made at our warehouse in Boulder, Colorado. 

If you are interested in visiting us, please contact us by phone or email to schedule an appointment. At The Vansmith, we operate on an appointment-only basis, ensuring that we can dedicate ample time to understanding your specific build requirements and effectively demonstrating our capabilities. We look forward to showcasing what we can do!

The Vansmith

7209 Valtec Court, Unit B

Boulder, Colorado 80302




Provide people who seek adventure and the freedom of the open road, with the tools, services, products, and knowledge to do so.