Why Choose The Vansmith

We believe that form and function should exist in harmony, not compromising one for the other. You will see an attention to detail that is unparalleled, creating a warm, welcoming, and functional environment - a home on wheels. And secondly, we care. We care about every inch of your van, and we care about you and your experience in the van. We love the open road and the freedom it provides, it is our goal to provide you the tools and knowledge to take full advantage of your new journey. 

Each Vansmith build utilizes top-notch materials that will last through all of your on/off-road adventures and the test of backcountry time! All of the cabinets are CNC cut locally here in Colorado and are made of high-grade Baltic Birch plywood (no, we don't pick up plywood at the local hardware store) wrapped in Formica for easy cleanability and lasting durability. The interior cabinet hinges and glides utilize quality Blum Hardware products. Even the fabric we use is an environmentally friendly product that effortlessly combines sustainability and durability. Every part we use has been meticulously reviewed to make sure it is of the highest quality and will complement the van build.

Overall, we take ultimate pride in our Vansmith builds, so we use premium materials with an intuitive design that allows for easy-to-use elegance in your van. Now, let’s get you rolling!