Vansmith Gear Guide

Ready for the open road?  Here are a couple of items we think work great in our vans or just make them more fun!

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With limited space in your van, you will be looking for ways to condense. But what about my full-sized kayak? Introducing the ORU Foldable Kayak. Running at roughly 28 pounds with the ability to fold up to about the size of a large suitcase, the ORU Kayak is your solution to save space while keeping the quality of your equipment high. Apart from the space-saving attributes, the ORU kayak has been tested on Class III Rivers and has played in 6 foot waves. Needless to say, these boats are lightweight AND extraordinarily strong.  Contact us to order!

Setting this atlas apart from all other road atlases are the inclusion of detailed maps and guidebook-like recommendations on the top 100 destinations for adventure, plus the top 24 most visited National Parks. An additional resources section provides contact information for local tourism offices, plus a place name index to help easily locate a specific city.   What better way to find adventure in your van!  Plus, your friends will be super impressed when you tell them you know how to use a map!

Use RinseKit to clean your gear, take a shower while VanLifing, rinse off dishes, wash your dog or van, or rinse off your feet after a day at the beach. Dual port design allows for heater and hand pump accessories to be used simultaneously; accessories sold separately. Can be filled in 30 sec. from a water spigot or sink with included adapter.  Great option for a portable, heated shower!

THE ULTIMATE 'VESSEL': Virtually indestructible, watertight, and ultra-compact; It's the ultimate “vessel” to carry our curated first aid components. This isn't your typical kit; from Steri wound closure strips to Celox homeostatic agent and disposable thermometers, every item has been carefully considered and designed for the outdoors.  Stay safe and prepared out there in your van.

Volt Custom Cycling Jerseys

Outfit your team, friends and family with high-performance custom jerseys. 

Pro-Level Quality

We use the best most performant materials.

- Ultra light and breathable fabrics

- Ultra smooth zippers for single handed adjustments

- High grade reflective properties for enhanced visibility and safety

- Lock Right silicone striping for perfect fit

Check out the cool Vansmith kit we had made!

The last thing you want is to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery!  Not every battery jumper is made equal.  This NOCO Boost is rated for up to a 4L diesel engine (Looking at you Sprinter owners).  Also works great as a battery backup for your phone or as a flashlight.

Planning to post up at a sweet site with an electrical hookup for a while?  It's not a bad idea to plug in your electrical system.  We recommend a heavy duty extension cord to keep your system topped off.

Your van is set up with a sweet water system (not actually sweet though, no cavities here!). To refill your van’s water tank, you’ll need a potable water hose. Lead and BPA free! This hose is needed to fill up your water tank efficiently and with Camco’s system, you can be up to 50 feet away from the water source to fill up!

You’re all set for the first trip in your new camper rig! You take off in down the road and hear your favorite mugs begin to clank together in the cabinet and crash – they’re broken! Prevent that extra movement with Gorilla Grip’s Drawer Liners in your drawer’s and cabinets.

One of the smartest purchases you can add to your van is a rotary tire inflator. With the ability to hook up to your van’s 12V system, this tire inflator uses a direct drive motor to inflate your tires fast and efficiently. We know you’ll be getting your van into places that they aren’t meant to go….so why not add some extra security and piece of mind!

 Use chargers such as the PWR+ to charge your laptop faster while pulling way less from your van’s precious power bank.  Bypass the use of your inverter and use 12v, which will be more efficient on your system.

Although your van is the new hangout, we know you’re going to want to spend as much time outside as possible cooking, cleaning, whittling, etc. We highly recommend using the super lightweight, foldable, adjustable, and storage-bearing table by CampLand. There’s nothing worse than dirt in your vegetarian chili – so keep your food off the ground!

It’s clear that the planet is important to you – so why not keep up this trend with a soap made from organic ingredients that can clean everything from your floors to your dishes? Dr. Bronner’s is the move for you! This soap is fully biodegradable and uses all-natural, vegan ingredients that do less harm to the planet. Purchase this two-pack and you’ll be set for a while!  Check out their castile soap too!

From insulated blankets to double camping chairs, we love Kelty gear in our vans.  They make plenty of options for the #vanlife and we dig it.

Sometimes your neighbors at the campground decide to party a little too hard and loud.  Having a set of ear plugs on hand is not a bad idea! Reduce waste with reusable silicone ear plugs - Keenhealth’s ear plugs are made of non-BPA and durable materials. Use the ear plugs again and again. Wash your ear plugs after every use and they will protect your hearing during your next concert like it’s the first time.

The definitive van shoe-slip on now with a  rubber sole. This felt slip-on is crafted from 100% natural Merino and Gotland wool. Designed to be worn barefoot comfortably year round, Glerup felt shoes form to your foot for a luxurious, breathable, next-to-skin feel.  Great options to keep your little toes warm on a cold day out in the wilderness!

Your van can take you to some pretty epic places but sometimes you may feel the need to go where your van can't!  Niner bikes offers multiple options to get out there and explore.  Burn through some singletrack on the RIP RDO or hope on the forest roads with RLT RDO.  Contact us to order.

Recovery Boards

While we don't recommend taking your van down sketchy roads, sometimes the call for adventure overrides all.  We understand.  With these MaxTrax boards you can feel a more secure finding those hard to reach camping spots.

Keep your Sprinter a little bit cleaner with these waterproof floor liners.  Easy to pull out and wash off after a trip to Moab.

Ready to work from your van?  Having a reliable source for internet will make your life alot easier!  Check out the Verizon Jetpack.