Van Window Installation and/or Removal

Natural light drastically changes the look and feel of your camper van and allows you to look out at the world when the weather is less than favorable. We get it, cutting a hole in your brand new van can be very stressful, let us take the load off your shoulders and install these windows for you! Our techs have installed hundreds of windows in camper vans and we would be happy to get some sunshine into your vacation home on wheels. We stock CRL and Premier Products van windows. 

Rooftop Vent Fan Installation

Keeping the air fresh in your camper van is an absolute must. If you're thinking about passing up on a rooftop fan, I hope this little snippet changes your mind. A van is essentially a small, mostly sealed metal box that does not ventilate by itself very well. People naturally create a large amount of humidity through perspiration and respiration and if you let that humidity linger, you will increase your potential for mold and mildew. Our fan of choice is the Maxxair 7500K which is remote controlled and can be operated in rain, snow, sleet and shine. This 10 blade fan moves 900 CFM keeping the air in your van as fresh as the great outdoors. Installed with stainless steel hardware and a ¾” MDF trim ring to ensure rigidity, the Maxxair fan is a great way to improve the comfort in your van for a fraction of the cost of an air conditioner. Learn more about the Maxxair 7500K fan here.

Pop-Top Installation

Do you have a couple passengers in your van that need a place to sleep? The RRE pop-top is an excellent addition to your campervan, effectively turning your van into a two bedroom vacation home on wheels! Extremely easy to operate, this high quality pop-top is constructed from fiberglass and has a scissor style lifting mechanism with no less than 4 gas struts making this pop-top a breeze to open. Once open, the 24”x35” entrance provides ample space to enter the sleeping area that boasts a 79”x47” spring reinforced mattress. The tent material is flame retardant and has three zippered windows with mosquito nets to keep the air fresh and the mosquitos out! These pop-tops arrive without paint so you have the option to color match with your van or pick any wild color you can imagine! Learn more about the RRE pop-top here.

Suspension Upgrades

Did you get your van built out and now your van drives like a 1970’s station wagon? Well let us tell you that the stock suspension fails to provide a smooth and stable ride once you have a fully loaded van. A Vancompass suspension upgrade is designed to enhance the poor ride quality of your van. Not only will washboard roads feel much better, twisting mountain roads will no longer be a terrifying adventure. And if you really want to compliment the off road van look, complete your suspension upgrade with an aftermarket set of wheels and tires. With a multitude of options from Vancompass, reach out to a sales representative to see what will work best for you! 

Fuel Heater Installations & Repair

Winter blues got you down? Enjoy mother nature year round in comfort with an Espar or Webasto fuel heater. Transform your van from a frozen tundra to a cozy cabin on wheels! This upgrade, in our opinion, is one of the best things you can do for your van. A heater truly makes your van feel like home and a high quality install by The Vansmith is the way to go. If altitude isn't a concern for you, you may want to go with the Webasto STC2000 or the Espar D2L as these models are slightly less expensive then their altitude compensating counterparts. But if you plan on spending time up in the mountains you will want to get a fuel heater that is altitude compensating. If you have a diesel van, the Espar S2 D2L is altitude compensating up to 9,900 feet and if you have a gasoline van, the Webasto Evo 40 will be the best option. Chat with a sales representative to find out what will work best for you!

Van Seat Installation

Do you have a family or like to haul your friends around but only have a two seat van? Don’t sweat it, The Vansmith has got you covered. We only install pull tested seats to ensure the safest seat possible for your friends and family. With a multitude of options, its best to talk to a sales representative to see what works best for you!

Flarespace Flares

Want to add some more floor space to your van build? Flares will allow you to sleep sideways giving you nearly 12 square feet of extra space inside your van if you choose The Vansmith bed system. These flares require a large cut to the exterior wall and some skill to install, let our expert installers take this task off your plate. Flares are delivered with primed gray finish to the exterior of the flare and require paint. We can get your flares perfectly color matched or pick a wild color of your choice! And for those who want a fully finished look, we offer our home built trim rings that maximize the space the Flarespace flare offers. Book an appointment today and get the most out of your campervan build!

Van Refrigerator Installation

Keep your perishables fresh and your beverages cold! If you're looking for a fridge install you've come to the right place. Our refrigerators of choice are the Isotherm and the Dometic CFX series fridges. Ask our sales representative what fridge works best for you!

Partial Builds

Are you taking on the DIY van beast on your own?! First off, pat yourself on the back, this is no easy task and believe me when I say that professional help is always going to be worth it. If there is something that you are struggling with, dont sweat it, The Vansmith is here to help you out. From basic work to complex electrical systems, you can count on us to get the job done and get you on the road. Here are a few examples of partial build work we can do for you. 

- Rough wiring

- Insulation

- Cabinet mounting

- Walls

- Door jamb wrap

- Ceilings

- Flooring

- Trim

- Cabinet installations

- Beds

Solar and Electrical Installation

Electrical systems can be a bear if you have never done electrical work before and they do require some knowledge to build a safe and effective system. Although most of these systems are fairly simple, improperly gauged wires, poor crimps, loose connections, and mismatched components can result in reliability issues and can pose a potential fire hazard. The proper tools and know-how is a must and if you feel this is something you don't want to take on, we have a multitude of solutions available to power your adventurers. From simple rough wiring of the van, solar panel installs, to full electrical systems, we offer everything you'll need to get your van fully electrified. Reach out to a sales representative to see what will work best for you!  

Roof Rack Installation 

One of the more useful additions to your camper van is the mighty roof rack, making the install of awnings, solar panels, ladders, lights, and storage boxes much easier. It also accomplishes the overland look everyone is looking for. Roof racks can be heavy and awkward to install so let us do what we do best! Installed with a fork lift, nobody needs to walk on the roof of your van scratching up your paint! Our roof racks of choice are the Freedom Vango, Aluminess, and the Flatline Vanco Racks. Although we can install any roof rack, there may be an additional charge for racks we have not yet installed due to the additional unforeseen labor. Reach out to a sales representative to see what will work best for you!  

External Add-Ons

The amount of external components that have exploded onto the market these past few years is mind blowing. We have installed a very good deal of those components and let us share with you our favorite brands. Owl Vans does a wonderful job. Owl Van components are expertly engineered and beautifully designed, really giving the appearance and functionality that brings your campervan to the next level. The CA Tuned HammerHead bumper is the best looking and most functional bumper on the market. All of the rigid lights are great, plenty of different sizes and options to choose from that really give you a custom feel. 

Owl Vans B2 bike rack

Owl Vans sherpa rack

Owl Vans storage boxes

Owl Vans rear ladder and tire carrier

Owl Vans side steps

CA Tuned HammerHead Bumper

Warn bluetooth controlled winch

ARB air compressor

And more!

Reach out to a sales representative to find out what will work best for you!

Awning Installation

One great way to make your campervan space feel bigger is the addition of an awning. These Fiamma awnings essentially add a front porch to your vacation home on wheels and help keep your van shaded and cooled. Don't let the heat and sunshine scare you off, stay shaded in style with a Fiamma awning. 

Sometimes doing a whole build yourself can be daunting! That's why we here at The Vansmith offer one-off installations and partial builds in addition to our full van conversions. 

The Vansmith provides installations on Mercedes Sprinters (144 and 170), Ram ProMasters and Ford Transits. From window, floor, and ceiling installations, to solar panels, electrical systems, and Webasto heating, to external modifications like roof racks, pop-tops, awnings, and lights, your camper van benefits from detailed craftsmanship at our shop in Boulder, Colorado.  

Reach out to us at for scheduling and pricing.