The Lounger

Lounger - Built for the home body, a spacious and practical layout that makes kicking back as easy as it gets.  Throw in a swivel seat and this van easily sits 4 people when the weather is less than optimal.  Outfit this rig with a CRX-110 fridge, webasto heater, 200AH lithium ion power system, and full kitchen and youre ready for a road trip that never needs to end.  All of the benches double as a catch all storage bin, keeping all of your adventure gear organized and safe on the road.  The north south sleeping platform allows all you tall people out there to sprawl out and take all the time to wake up nice and slow. The six foot bedside cabinet will contain all of your clothes and double as a nice little nightstand.  A classic set up for those who like to entertain their nomadic guests.