Van Floor Plans


Built for the home body, a spacious and practical layout that makes kicking back as easy as it gets.  Throw in a swivel seat and this van easily sits 4 people when the weather is less than optimal. Outfit this rig with a CRX-110 fridge, Webasto heater, 200AH lithium ion power system, and full kitchen and you’re ready for a road trip that never needs to end.  All of the benches double as a catch all storage bin, keeping all of your adventure gear organized and safe on the road.  The north south sleeping platform allows all you tall people out there to sprawl out and take all the time to wake up nice and slow. The six foot bedside cabinet will contain all of your clothes and double as a nice little nightstand.  A classic set up for those who like to entertain their nomadic guests. 

Easy Rider

Have a little family? No problem.  This simple yet functional build transports four people safely in comfort and style.  Two swiveling captain's chairs sit right behind the driver and passenger seats, add swivels to the front seats and you have a cozy dining area.  The small yet clever kitchen contains a fresh water system and a Dometic CRX-65 fridge and two drawers.  A set of cabinets sit under the bed accessible from the living area of the van, making it easy to grab all of your adventure gear on the fly.  This build can sport a single bed, or a bunk bed to haul around your nomadic friends or family. 

The Rambler 

Have a Promaster? Weve got you covered.  This build gets the most bang for your buck, squeezing everything out of this little but powerful little van.  Two kitchen galleys running the length of your van make road tripping in this little beast a walk in the park. Enough room for a Dometic CRX-65 or CRX-110 fridge, full water system, and expanding countertops give you all the space you need for cooking or working in your van.  Driver and passenger seats swivel and the kitchen counter doubles as your table. Upfit with a fuel heater, lithium ion battery system, and youre ready for life on the road.  


The Ramblers little brother, for the couple who likes kicking back and cozying up to each other.  Getting rid of the driver side galley and opting for a big bench seat, you can open that sliding door and watch the great outdoors from the comfort of your home on wheels.  The bench is a beautiful and functional storage cubby and the Dometic CFX-55 fridge doubles as a bench. Utilizing a lagun removable table, you can turn your living room into a dining room or work space in a matter of seconds.  All the creature comforts on practical and affordable Promaster chassis. 

The POWmaster

Although these Promasters sport front wheel drive, they do a great job tearing through snow.  This setup gives you everything you need to charge up mountains, slay powder, and come back to a warm cozy cabin on wheels.  The 48" kitchen galley sports a Dometic CRX-65 fridge, two drawers, and a fresh water system.  Everything you need to relax those jelly legs after a day on the hills.  The bench provides seating for two and a lagun table that sets up in a flash transforms the area into a mobile office or dining room.  Dont forget to have us install a Webasto heater in your rig, so you and your traveling companion can kick off your wet gear and dry off in your stylish sweatpants and snuggies.  Ask us about snowboard and ski racks for your tow hitch, leaving all the room for activities!.

The Wanderlust 

Sporting a north south sleeping orientation, this is a perfect option for those tall folks out there.  Similar to the POWmaster but with more storage space above and below the bed. If you're a gear hoarder then this is the build for you, a massive garage space will hold whatever gear you need for your next big adventure.  The bench seat and a passenger swivel chair will give you a comfortable place to work or eat a delicious meal that you cooked in your van. A perfect set up for your Ford Transit 148 or Sprinter 144, the bed is big and beautiful.  A bedside cabinet gives you all the storage you'll need for your outdoor apparel. An excellent option for those who want to live life on the road!